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Reservations Now Required at Multnomah Falls

…unless you arrive by transit

On top of growing recreation use over the last decade, we are seeing record numbers of visitors to Multnomah Falls this year. 

So a big change was introduced this year to Multnomah Falls to help limit congestion that can dangerously clog up both the Historic Columbia River Highway and I-84.

From July 20 through September 19, anyone visiting the falls, except for by the transit options, will need a timed ticket between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M.

It will allow for about 600 visitors an hour.

The tickets are free except for a one dollar processing fee online. They’re available now and you can get them up to two weeks in advance at https://www.recreation.gov/ticket/facility/10073376

Or you can simply hop on the Columbia Gorge Express (free with your GOrge Pass) and walk in  without notice.