To & From the Airport


The Columbia Gorge Express travels to the Gateway Transit Center in Portland several times each day.

From there, it’s only 15 minutes to the airport by train which drops you right at the front door of the terminal. 

Faster and cheaper than parking long-term parking. 

Click here for the Columbia Gorge Express timetable to Portland. Then google “Gateway to Airport” for the schedule of connecting trains to fit your schedule.

Catching the Columbia Gorge Express

The Columbia Gorge Express (CGE) travels to and from Portland 5x per day in the winter (and 8x per day in the summer).

In Hood River, you may leave your car free of charge in the Park-n-Ride lot at the CAT Administrative Office @ 224 Wasco Loop. This is a main stop for the CGE. 

This is also a main transfer point for the Link bus from The Dalles and the MATs bus from White Salmon/Bingen. Busses connect to The Dalles from Goldendale as well.  Simply board one of the connecting routes from these towns to arrive in time for the next outbound CGE. 

If you need help sorting out your connections, call us at 833-3GO-PASS (833-346-7277).

Transferring at Gateway

When the Columbia Gorge Express pulls into the Gateway station, it stops just a short walk from the MAX train that takes you to the airport. 

Simply walk north and west following the signs for the Red Line to Airport. 

Find a tickets machine and purchase your train ticket (see directions below). 

Catch the next airport train (make sure the train reads ‘Airport’ as there are other trains that leave from the same platform). It should only be about 10 minutes to wait. There are screens that tell you how many minutes before each train arrives. Note, it will be traveling South through the station. 

Buying a ticket for the Red Line train

Find one of the machines that looks like the picture to the left. 

Select the fare you want by pressing one of the buttons below the video screen. You will want the 2.5 hour ticket which is the smallest ticket you can buy. The amount you need to pay will be displayed on the screen
($2.50 for adults 18+ or $1.25 for Seniors over 65 or for kids 7-17) 

Insert payment. Most machines accept debit/credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), coins (including $1 coins) and bills ($1, $5, $10 and $20). Machines labeled “Card Only” will only accept debit or credit cards. 

Collect your tickets and change from the tray at the bottom left.

These tickets are pre-validated (ready for immediate use). Simply keep hold of the ticket in the unlikely case that someone asks to see it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many bags can I bring on the Columbia Gorge Express? 

A: Riders are able to take as many suitcases or bags as they can carry on their own (without help from a driver). So 2 suitcases and a carry-on, for example.

Q: Is it safe on winter roads?

A: We will not drive if it unsafe to do so (ie if they shut down the roads). But studies have shown that riding the bus is 10x safer than driving your car. So taking the bus is a great alternative in winter road conditions.