Portland Trip Ideas

Things To Do In the City

  • Connect to the Airport
  • Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI)
  • More to Explore

Connect to the Airport

The Columbia Gorge Express travels to the Gateway Transit Center in Portland several times each day.

From there, it’s only 15 minutes to the airport by train which drops you right at the front door of the terminal. 

Faster and cheaper than parking long-term parking. 

Click here for the Columbia Gorge Express timetable to Portland. Then google “Gateway to Airport” for the schedule of connecting trains to fit your schedule.

Photo of two boys playing with colorful large lego blocks at OMSI. A third girl in a purple dress has her hands on a yellow steering wheel.

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI)

Hop on the Columbia Gorge Express for a day of adventure and exploration.

  • Take the 8:40am Columbia Gorge Express to the Gateway Transit Center
  • At Gateway, purchase a one-day TriMet fare at the platform machines ($5) then take the 10am Max Green Line tram to NE 7th Ave stop
  • Walk 1 minute to catch the Portland Streetcar and ride south to the SE Water/OMSI stop (about 30 blocks)
  • Play at OMSI for 3 hours (take a lunch or eat in their cafe)
  • Leave OMSI at 1:40pm, walking back to the Portland Streetcar stop of SE Water/OMSI
  • Catch the streetcar and ride north to the Grand & Holladay stop
  • Walk 2 blocks to Holladay and MLK to catch the Max Blue Line tram to the Gateway Transit Center
  • Catch the 2:30pm Columbia Gorge Express back to the Gorge

More to explore