Gorge Equity Fund

By purchasing a GOrge Pass, you are already helping to protect our region by reducing congestion and supporting sustainable transit. But a $1 of each pass also automatically goes to our Gorge Equity Fund which supports three areas:

OUTDOOR EQUITY ORGS:  The fund gives passes to organizations like Wild Diversity and CultureSeed who are dedicated to making the outdoors more welcoming to those who have traditionally been excluded.

SEARCH & RESCUE: The fund donates money to the organizations such as Crag Rats who keep people safe while recreating in the Gorge. Although these organization serve the entire region, their funding rests on the shoulders of a few local sources in need of support.

LOW-INCOME PROGRAMS: Not everyone has or needs a car, but all should have access to transit and the outdoors (as well as to medical services, education, work and social activities). This fund puts passes in the right hands through programs like Gorge Transit Connect.

The Gorge Equity Fund is a 501c3. To give a tax deductible donation click the PayPal button below. 

We also have a Buy One, Give One program for businesses or organizations who purchase more than 10 passes. If you are an employer non-profit organization interested in this program, please contact us.
Retailers and organizations can also participate easily by simply promoting the pass and asking buyer to list your name as the retailer in the sales form. Once 10 or more purchases list a particular business / organization as the retailer, matching passes will automatically be donated to the Fund in their name.